Friday, November 20, 2015

My Laurel Creek Collection

The inspiration for this collection came from the book cover of a 1900 publication of Mary E. Wilkin's 'Heart's Highway'.  The story is a romance set in 17th century Virginia.

However, it was not the story, but the design of the cover that gave way to the line.

It was black and grey with a classic look.  I cut out the shape with my skill saw and used it for the top of the hall tree, but also created a template to incorporate into several other pieces.

The heroine of the tale was Mary Cavendish, from a wealthy tobacco family,  and the name of one of her estates was Laurel Creek; hence the name.  The furniture design is not of the 17th century, but rather that, that might be seen in the author's lifetime.  I chose a neutral palette since Mary Cavendish was no prima dona, trading in her feminine fancies for guns and ammunition.

I chose four rooms:  dining room, kitchen, sitting room and entrance hall.  There are also many single items available to compliment the design, including:graphic trunk, dog bed, umbrella and stand. 

The stain used was special walnut, offset with a light grey paint.  The graphics are colonial in style, harvested from an American art book.  

They  help to break up the monotony of the plain colors, and provide a place for the eyes.

With the extra checkered wool, I added blankets, throws, cushions, etc.  The mats and rugs are dyed homespun, that came from a large piece that I bought several years ago at an antique fair.  The design on the homespun was done with permanent fabric markers.


The graphics used on the pillows and cushions were transferred to fabric using printable transfers.

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