Saturday, November 21, 2015

Antique Lace Bedroom in Victorian Style

This bedroom includes a four poster bed and night stand that I made from kits.  I have been collecting antique lace and fabric for years and found the perfect piece for the look I was going after.  Bedding, curtains and even the lamp shade came from that lace.

The artwork is made from  graphics I found online and the frames made from bits of moulding.

The bedspread is silk and lace.

The art work and embellishments were made from bits of things.

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  1. Hi Emily! Your bed is so glamorous! I love the little lamp also. As for your graphics, I adore them. It's such a coincidence that at the moment, I am pencil colouring such a graphic in one of my adult colouring books. Love those long dresses.