Friday, October 17, 2014

Pink Attitude Miniature Dollhouse Bedroom

This little girl's bedroom is made from the boards of one book and scraps of contrasting pink cotton

  This and other creations can be viewed on my website.

 I started with the boards of one book which I painted to seal and provide a light coloured surface, since the boards were dark green. I then drew my patterns and cut them out with an Exacto knife. Next, I made the feet for the bed by cutting off the ends of two spindles. This gave me all the pieces I needed for the entire bedroom set. I sanded the edges and painted the pieces. A latticework framework was made for the headboard, a piece of sponge cut to size and the piece covered with fabric. The latticework allowed for quilting. The footboard was covered with a slip on cover with three pockets for tucking in treasures. The mattress is sponge, covered with contrasting fabric and quilted. All of the bedding is made up from fabric scraps.


The trunk is created in a similar way, except that I covered all pieces before assembling. The removable lid was latticed and quilted. The chair made up the same way. I added the striped contrast ribbon and bows to add a bit of character.
The mat is made of printable cotton.